Summer is the perfect time to get out doors and try new things. It’s a season full of color and fun. And that goes for your manicure, too.

This year, colors are EVERYWHERE. Brights (always big in the summer) are being paired with matte colors, sparkles, metalics, and painted designs like watermelon, ice cream cones, and lady bugs! Color pops — like canary yellow, ocean blues, tangerine, and bright pinks — are being done on all nails, or just one for an accent. White is in, too! And we don’t mean just on your shorts or sandals.

Below are a few of our favorite summer manicures, some of them we did, and a few others that we found on Pinterest and Instagram, to inspire you. (Pinterst and Instagram images are owned by the folks who created them — and we love their work, so we’re linking them!)

(We’re showing these cool colors as manicures… but they also work well on your toes!)


What are you wearing on your nails this summer?